Managing an LMS can be hard. Pukunui makes it easy.

We build powerful and user-friendly Moodle™ elearning websites.

Pukunui provides LMS hosting services, support, training, consulting and site design for Moodle™ software along with BigBlueButton™ and Mahara™ integrations. We are the trusted Moodle™ experts in the Asia Pacific region and support hundreds of thousands of users through our offices in Australia, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

LMS Hosting Services

With companies in Australia, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, our eLearning experts ensure your LMS sites run smoothly so you can focus on the things that matter most – your learners.

We handle eLearning hosting, installation and existing site transfer, as well as Moodle™ software support and upgrades as part of our LMS hosting services.

Australian College of Business Intelligence

With Pukunui, Moodle is usually a problem free learning portal. If you want to improve your reports or to find a way to better use the LMS features, you will find a qualified answer from Pukunui.

Easy to use, very flexible and easy to customize.

Pukunui group will offer very qualified, and friendly support.

Pukunui staff is amazing and always willing to offer the best possible customer support.

Carmelo Nigro ... Head Trainer

Groovy Code

Our team of Moodle developers can scope, mock up and build the perfect LMS site that hits the right buttons. If you want to extend functionality, we can easily add plugins, Mahara™ e-portfolio software and Mahara Moodle integration.

Our lead developer was there at the very beginning of Moodle, helping to code the core software and build the platform from scratch. So you can be sure you’re getting the ultimate expertise when you use our services.


We love sharing our knowledge to help you get the best out of your elearning website.

Our services including customised LMS training programs – either online using BigBlueButton™ web conferencing, face-to-face or a mix of both. We also offer strategic consulting to make your elearning effective and powerful.

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