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With 500+ clients, and supporting hundreds of thousands of users we are the trusted Moodle™ Asia Pacific region experts. Pukunui provides LMS hosting services, support, training, consulting, site design and related services for the Moodle™ software along with BigBlueButton™ and Mahara™ integrations and has offices in Australia, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

LMS Hosting Services

Our staff are e-Learning experts who ensure your LMS sites "just run” so you can focus on the part that matters the most to you; your learners! We handle eLearning hosting, installation, transfer of your existing site, perform upgrades and provide Moodle™ software support all as part of our LMS hosting services.

Groovy Code

Shift the technology to suit you! Our team of in-house Moodle developers can scope, mockup and build that perfect LMS site to meet your needs. Add plugins, Mahara™ e-portfolio software, and Mahara Moodle integration solutions.

With staff that helped build the core Moodle™ software, our LMS knowledge and expertise is beyond reproach.

Build Knowledge

Sharing our knowledge is important to us. The more you know, the better we can help you. We offer services including custom LMS training programs, online training using BigBlueButton™ web conferencing as well as strategic consulting to help you get your e-Learning site up and running.

How can we help?

Great Customer Service

I use Moodle for a number of my clients and often have some tricky customization requests. Dom and Vinny are always working at coming up with solutions to meet these needs. They are like my own little IT department, thanks guys!

Willingness to help when things are not quite meeting needs!

If you want a learning management platform, use Moodle and get Pukunui to host it. You will be in good hands.

Julie Mcloughlin Director

LMS Hosting services for almost 500 cloud based LMS sites on our servers, and we remotely maintain many more.

eLearning hosting for around 1,000,000 user accounts on our learning management solutions.

Providing local help from offices in 3 different countries - Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

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